Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shopping: The Musical : Bobrow Productions : Outstanding Original Revue

A wonderful ensemble cast, featuring a series of clever, comical musical vignettes on the topic of shopping. Not a musical in the strictest sense, but a contemporary revue without any discernible storyline, but an underlying theme which is universal.

Most of the sketches hit their targets successfully and are often laugh-out-loud funny. The only flaw I could observe was the lack of electronic amplification which proved to be a disservice to some of the performers during the choral numbers. Perhaps one or two members of the cast could temper the volume just a tad? Otherwise, the tiny "theatre" and minimalist production requires little in the way of fancy props or equipment.

Oh, and the hard-working and talented piano accompanist, Ms. Dwyer, is stunningly beautiful to the point of distraction!

A great evening out for those who do not require the window dressing of the larger, high-priced venues. Have fun!


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