Friday, October 8, 2010

Scrambled Eggs : Northside Theatre Company : Farce Highlighted by Wonderful Acting

It’s a life presented from a decidedly feminine persective, filled with a series of seamless anecdotes of which both genders can readily relate.

This is a genuinely funny comedy made all the more successful by Leslie Hardy Lloyd's prodigious command of the central character's perpetual recitation of the watershed, albeit mostly comedic, moments of her life.

Equally praiseworthy are the two remaining cast members of this tiny ensemble, Jerry Lloyd and Ambera DeLash, each performing various supporting roles with a deft comic aplomb.

Skilled execution of the simple yet creative lighting and sound design enhance the ambient effect of this modest but professionally staged production.

The theatre was undeservedly full of mostly empty seats on a Friday night. This lack of support for the phenomenal talent on display at our smaller local theatre companies is unacceptable South Bay!

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