Friday, January 20, 2012

Aphrodisiac : City Lights Theater Company : Review

Note to my dear readers: Due to my demanding schedule of late, I will be unable to write comprehensive reviews regarding the various productions I have the good fortune to attend throughout the bay area. I intend to publish short, capsule reviews for the time being. I'll return to full reviews if and when time permits. Thank you for your support and understanding. -Gregory M. Alonzo.

An interesting take on the seductive power of political life in our nation’s capital, told from the point of view of the adult children of a philandering congressman suspected in the disappearance of a young intern.

Competently acted, with an outstanding performance by Amanda Folena as a sympathetic Monica Lewinsky. 

Mixing fact and fiction, its unusual and not altogether successful narrative structure prevents this from being anywhere near as funny or poignant as it should have been.