Saturday, February 4, 2012

Higher : American Conservatory Theater : Review

Note to my dear readers: Due to my demanding schedule of late, I will be unable to write comprehensive reviews regarding the various productions I have the good fortune to attend throughout the bay area. I intend to publish short, capsule reviews for the time being. I'll return to full reviews if and when time permits. Thank you for your support and understanding. -Gregory M. Alonzo.

Some good acting to be seen, but for the most part this is something of a disappointment. 

An unsympathetic and unlikeable protagonist - Michael (Andrew Polk) does not help matters, but his relationship with his son was more compelling than the love "triangle" - largely due to the contributions of Ben Kahre (Isaac). 

Overall, one felt the actors were still grasping at credible characterizations and were not entirely in sync.  Worthwhile, but not something for the ages.

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