Saturday, March 24, 2012

High : Kathleen Turner : SHN (Shorenstein Hays Nederlander) : A Capsule Review

Although the second act doesn’t quite deliver on the promise of the first, this production is buoyed by some fine acting and an unflinching honesty that’s sometimes difficult to watch.

As the play unfolds and secrets are revealed, it becomes readily apparent that each character is desperately seeking forgiveness for their respective transgressions.

Because the play steadfastly avoids trite solutions, the denouement is perhaps not as emotionally satisfying as one might like. But it is certainly plausible and remains true to the uncompromising vision of the narrative.

The story is set in an ostensibly religious context, yet Kathleen Turner's redoubtable stage presence and convincing streetwise sensibility transcends any piety in her character’s passion quest for personal redemption. Arguably no actor can evince a tough vulnerability better than Ms. Turner.

It’s a challenging, edifying piece that is certain to provoke animated conversation. Highly recommended!

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