Saturday, May 19, 2012

Chinese Objects : Susanna Leinonen Company : Simply Sublime

(I don't normally review dance, but a recent performance at the 2012 San Francisco International Arts Festival by a Finnish dance company left me utterly awestruck. I just had to share my personal thoughts!)

An exemplary performance of contemporary dance as the ultimate form of artistic expression through the perfect integration of sight, sound and motion. Its precise movements were executed with fluidity, grace and undeniable power. 

It transcends the mere physical and engulfs one into a visceral experience that reaches the sublime. It was as if time had been suspended for the entire seventeen minutes. It left me breathless. 

This is why I love the dance. Thank you to dancers Elina Hayrynen, Natasha Lommi, choreographer Susanna Leinonen, designers Kasperi Laine (sound) and Hanna Kayhko (lighting), and all who made this wonderful production possible!*

(*Here's a video snippet from a different performance from a year ago - it must be seen live in its entirety, however.)

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